Oct 29, 2009

They lifted the drinks to our mouths so we drank it

So today I was making a cup of tea, and thought that it would be so easy to make some myself.
Long story short, I ventured out into the abyss of my garden and came back with a bunch of lemon verbena leaves (they smell soooo good!) and the top off this root thing that smells like ginger. According to the mother, it's wild ginger, but one can't be certain. So I stuck the leaves and washed/sliced root in a plunger with hot water and raw sugar, waited about five minutes and it tasted amazing! And because it was out of the garden it costs next to nothing, and there is still tree load of lemon verbena leaves and about one meter square of dense root / plant. Hoorah for sustainability! I'm never purchasing herbal tea again!...

Being stuck at home for a few days does things to you. Hopefully the roots you eat while in captive won't.

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