Oct 29, 2009

With no sail, I have no choice but drift

Life is moving so fast but I'm not sure where.
Small tasks are accomplished but in the long run they are nothing to me.
It all seems to be moving into a constant circle, but I want no part.
I have a job, and it's going nowhere. I don't work enough, and when I get the opportunity, I pass it off. It's not going to give me any qualifications. It isn't carrier, and it's never going to be.
I spend six and a half hours at school, yet am expected to spend a further two to three at home studying, plus get eight to ten hours rest. A weekend is supposed to be a break, yet I am expected to work. And study. And have a hobby. And try to balance a social life on top of it all. A day is too short, yet if it were any longer, I'd feel exhausted.
I want to finish school, yet it's too much pressure. I want a break, but when the break finally comes, it gets wasted. It always does.

I don't know what I want

They lifted the drinks to our mouths so we drank it

So today I was making a cup of tea, and thought that it would be so easy to make some myself.
Long story short, I ventured out into the abyss of my garden and came back with a bunch of lemon verbena leaves (they smell soooo good!) and the top off this root thing that smells like ginger. According to the mother, it's wild ginger, but one can't be certain. So I stuck the leaves and washed/sliced root in a plunger with hot water and raw sugar, waited about five minutes and it tasted amazing! And because it was out of the garden it costs next to nothing, and there is still tree load of lemon verbena leaves and about one meter square of dense root / plant. Hoorah for sustainability! I'm never purchasing herbal tea again!...

Being stuck at home for a few days does things to you. Hopefully the roots you eat while in captive won't.

Oct 27, 2009

To see myself 10 years from now...

I'd hope to still be beside all of these lovely people. You all mean the world to me.
(except Tyson, sorry m8.)

Recycled air, the smell of sleep and disinfectant.

Back to the hospital again today. Fasting before an operation is no fun, eating a light breakfast at 7am felt like the last supper knowing that I wouldn't be ale to have even a glass of water until sometime after three. Dad escorted me to the hospital at 11, as my appointment was at 12, as no-one else in this house is capable of getting up before mid afternoon. It's a shame we arrived fifteen minutes early, as the procedure didn't start until three and a half hours later. Luckily I brought my iPod and found the remote for the chair, but the father didn't look too happy to be there. I creeps a few nurses out with my ears on the way down to the operating theater. The place didn't seem as organized as I always imagined hospitals to be. I don't think I saw the same doctor or nurse twice, an I din't even get counted to sleep.I just remember one guy saying "this is going to prick a bit", sticking a drip in my hand then a syringe into the drip. A funny feeling ran up my arm REAL slow, and remember thinking "when the hell am I going to fall sleep?". I was laying there consciously for at least five minutes. Waking up to a massive tube covered in blood being pulled out of your throat isn't the most pleasant experience either. There were three sets of beeps going in that room, so I decided to try and make mine stop. No-one noticed. Even after the third time. I eventually got wheeled back up to cubicle 419 at round five o'clock. My Dad was sitting there waiting for me with a packet of oreo's. The nurse offered me something to eat or drink, an I politely refused. She then tried to bribe me with jelly and ice cream. I told her I couldn't eat them, so she grabbed me some apple juice and an icy pole. I then had to explain to the next nurse why I wouldn't eat any of the sandwiches. Five minutes down the track I heard them bitching about me in the corridor outside my door. I have a broken nose, I'm not deaf.

Oct 22, 2009

I'm not sure what's worse, the waiting or the waiting room.

So the early start this morning wasn't as bad as I thought, as I was awake for what seemed to be all night, just laying in bed, so by the time Dad came in to wake me up at half past five, I was still completely awake. I was puzzled to whether I had slept or not, as I remember checking the time every half an hour or so, yet I did not feel the slightest bit drowsy.
By six thirty, we were in a cab and on the way to see 'the nose doctor' starving as I had been told not to eat or drink before going, as I was to be put under with a general anesthetic (I guess the theory is the same as binge drinking).
Upon arrival we sat in waiting room, waiting for the receptionist to open up. She soon arrived, gave me some forms to fill out, then told me I'd be seeing Dr Chris Brown shortly. Instantaneously I imagined a doctor beating his girlfriend... ANYWAY Time moved along, and everyone knows doctors' appointments never run to schedule. He greeted my father and I and led us into an office with two rooms privately attached; one with a doctors bed-thingy, and the other with dentist's chair. The first thing I saw when I sat on in his office was a tray with atleast one hundred different stainless steel objects, I tried to figure out what each one was used for, but by then he had all ready started sticking them up my nose; into my ears; and depressing them onto my tongue, finishing up with spraying some liquid up my nose. He then asked me if I had a photo of my nose previous to the accident, and the only one I had on me was my old school ID (such a terrible photo, but I'm not really photogenic anyway). He then came to the conclusion that my nose didn't look like it did before, and therefore is broken (what's that? EXACTLY what the previous doctor told me on Monday?).
He then led me through the room with the bed, and into the room with the chair, and gave it a pat. I then found out what my nose looked like from the inside. I wanted to change the channel, but this TV only had the "discovery of alexis's nose" channel. Next Chris told me I had to get it fixed up, and I would have to go to the eye and ear hospital to get that done, as he would be busy operating today. One hour and two hundred and sixty dollars later, I was sharing my details with the receptionist at the eye and eye hospital, who then sent me to wait for a nurse. The nurse then looked at my nose, told me it was broken, then sent me back to the waiting room to wait for a doctor. This doctor didn't have as many tools, but looked up my nose just as much. She then told me I had "a lot of green mucus up my nose" and wrote me a prescription for antibiotics and nasal spray. She then sent me back to the receptionist, who sent me to the surgical ward down the road. Within a minute of this waiting room, this funny short lady came out and asked me if I had asthma, diabetes, blood clotting problems or if I was pregnant. The three pages of her questionnaire had started to make me drowsy. She then informed me that I needed to have my nose fixed within the next week. (At this rate I thought it would take til next year). I then got informed that I was placed on a waiting list for the two minute procedure, and I would be called when ready for surgery... "It may be later today, but it will possibly be next week."
Over three hundred and fifty dollars in expenses on this nose so far, and no one has done more than spray salt water in it.

Q:How many doctors does it take to fix a broken nose?
A: Five and counting...

Oct 20, 2009

I don't want to grow old with no stories to tell

What a week end.
So this Friday night past, I broke my nose at the Arthouse. I am currently reting up for my early start tomorrow morning to visit "the nose doctor" so he can break it back into place(Who would have thought that some one who specializes on treating noses for a living has such a busy schedual).I have to be at the hospital at 7:30am tomorrow morning. Mother dearest is too lazy to get up early enough for that so Dad has to take the day off work to take me. It' nice to know someone cares. How did I break it you ask? Stage diving, yeah I know, how lame. But it was fun, definitely worth it. So after catching a taxi back from the arthouse at around 2am I was welcomed by the fathers kind words...
"Well, you won't be picking up any guys this weekend".
Gee, thanks Dad.
So Saturday woke me up with dry blood down the side of my face and a pool of blood on my pillow. Half the day passed and the next thing I knew was I was in Narre Warren being chased by a group of around twenty Corey Worthingtons' through the mud, over the fence and hidden behind a bush in someone's front yard, where we could hear one of our friends getting bashed. Denice, Emily and I tryed calling the police, but had no-idea where we where, so that didn't go anywhere. Brooke saved the day with an eye gauge and they all ran off. after about half an hour the group was back together and out of random houses.
The police obviously said they couldn't do anything, and wouldn't even give us lift home, so Holly's mum came to save the day and nine of us squeezed into the car. Soon enough we were all back at Holly's having a blast;
Early start the next moring, and we were on the bus at around 10am.

Off to the city to see Break Even, In Trenches, Collapsed and 'the Cultures'. Show was great, so many friends I hadn't seen in ages, so many laughs. Had some lovely vegan chocolate mud cake in celebration for Nicole's birthday! Lovely gal, here is some snaps she took on the day;
Vultures ^^^
Break Even ^^^

What a weekend.

Raise da rooof!