Jan 31, 2010

and I'll Scrunch my fists tuck 'em in my pockets, forget about face 'cuz I know I've lost it

Polar Bear Club twice within twenty four hours. SO good!
Here are some snaps from the all ages jam room show taken by Ben (Some Hero Photo).

So Fucking Sweaty!

Jan 29, 2010

we're scum bags returned from the grave

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha oh dear.

wer'e not in this alone

It wouldn't be a family dinner without
Andrew going for seconds
or the token thirteen year old
or a walk along the river through to Collingwood station.
Or the only person missing from the evenings photos;
stop hiding behind the camera.

Family dinners aren't as regular as they used to be.
Nevertheless, they help me relax.

back of lentils toilet door, lol

a thank you note...

Emily eggplant, you are a ruler.

stop crawling up hill, don't you see it's time to chill

Killing time doing puzzles with Molly Kurth...

in matching outfits?

We have our fun.

Jan 26, 2010

salad days

One can of chic peas
Roasted, peeled and seasoned red capsicum
Halved mini roma tomatoes, yellow and red
Green beans, soaked in lemon juice, olive oil, pepper and water, and sliced
Balsamic vinegar
Olive oil
Chilli flakes
Treacle. No shit, I put treacle in my salad. It thicken the dressing so it distributes evenly and the sweetness works well with the balsamic.

Topped with tofutti cream cheese and fresh basil.

Jan 24, 2010

debate team bake sale.

Of all the ways I could spend my Saturday night, I spent mine making a chocolate tart.
I am obviously a party animal.

I even made the base marbled, kinda. It tastes a lot better than it looks through my phone, trust me. I'd offer you a slice, but chances are, it's probably already been eaten by the time you read this.
Om nom nom

Jan 21, 2010

she layed on the mattress. staring aimlessly. numb, dark and decayed.

I have learned not to depend on you, yet when I finally ask you of one motherly task, you go ahead and fuck it up again. You say you will change, yet I bet you will sleep in till two again tomorrow, just like the last seven years of your wasted life. I can't even remember what the old you, that you so often claim, was like. Thanks for everything you never were.

what the fuck are we doing here?

Hanging at the Telstra shop?
Lurking on Flinders?
Eating at the library?

Trapped Under Ice in the Cathedral Arcade?
At the HiFi?????????????????????????

Jan 16, 2010

Hero's Bullet.

"There are people caught in freedoms that bind.
They are madmen.
There are people in search of freedom.
They are seekers.
There are people who have freedom.
They are saints.

The ideas of:
Not wanting,
not searching,
wanting and
searching for,
finding and having

you can take a man...

This is Dicko.
He is rad.
He also makes Holly a happy chappy.
It was good to hang out with him this week,
and I think he should come to Melbourne more often.

Also, this should be fun.

Jan 14, 2010

Screamed at the make believe, screamed at the sky.

Over the past two days I have spent nine hours cleaning out the bedroom. I have emptied out four bags of clothes, three of shoes, one of board games, three of garbage and scrap papers, one of hats, and two of miscellaneous items. How I managed to fit all that stuff in my room, I don't know, but somehow it still looks just as full. However it is allot neater.

Sorting through things I found a shit load of buttons, beads, badges, notes and other crap, but the amount of photo both pictures I found was ridiculous. Maybe I should buy a photo album.

Year seven, what the fuck is up?

Vu, Ted, Myself, Jackie, Bailey and Kate.

Lenin, Michaela, Elise, Jacob, Camille.

This one is only from the weekend, but hey!
Camille, Jesse, Vance and I

Holy shit some of these are ridiculous.

I don't think I had life...
This one is from the year before last I think?
Anyway, I miss Imogen and her Werribee antics. Allot.
This one time, at (band) camp, I put on fifty nine items of clothing, backwards.

That's about all that I wish to share for today.

Scouts honour,

Jan 9, 2010

Noises--the ones you hear in your mind. They lead you away from something that's real.

Sorry to anyone who has tried to contact me over the past day or so, I threw my phone at the ground and now I can't read the screen.
It's broken.

Anyone have a spare phone?

Jan 6, 2010

well each bird song in the dark before the dawn it made me strong when I was far from

Stress free, relaxed days in Point Lonsdale.

Louisa gave us a lift down. The views were pretty.

My stuff got messier every day;

It was a bit too chilly for swimming on the first day,
so we just looked at the water instead.

I think we stared at the sea for to long,
as Camille started hallucinating.

The house was awesome too.
There was also a mirror directly in front of the toilet.
I think I drank around a litre of water an hour just
so I would have an excuse to sit in front of the mirror
and pull faces at myself. Hours of fun.

I also drew this;

I think this is the only decent photo that my phone has ever taken. I kinda wish I brought a real camera now.