Dec 25, 2009

always thought that one is one, but I guess that’s not the case

So many fliers for these shows! So much fun though!

merry fucking crassmas.

I have a strong dislike for Christmas. I could go on with all the reasons why, but I'm too lazy for that.
Here is the card in which I received from the mother.
She is very thoughtful.
She knows I love bright christmasy things.
She knows I wish Christmas was everyday, an would love a badge expressing that.
She knows I love Christmas lights.
She knows my favourite food is Turkey.
She knows my favourite jokes are those from Christmas crackers.
She knows that all of the songs on my iPod's top 25 most played are Christmas carols.
She knows that I wrap all of my presents.
And she knows that I hate socks.

Oh the joy.

Did I mention that I also received a leather note book? and four bags of jelly lollies and chocolates?

The best part about this Christmas was ditching the family on the last bus home, and coming home and sharing some soy milk with my favourite person in the whole world.

Dec 24, 2009

I'll see you when the sun sets

This is Nicole.
Nicole is one of the best people I know. She is one of those people that I look forward to seeing at shows. I wish she went to more of them.
I saw her in Seaford on Tuesday.
She captured this event with her magical camera skillz.

There were people in Santa suits.

We saw a queerWitnessed a gang bang.
Saw Sam the bully.
Saw a bunch of hopeless people
And found a ghost inside.

I had fun.

Dec 19, 2009

Alexis' Mixtape.

I thought I'd give it a go.
Here is a playlist of a select few of my favorite songs. It's not actually as long as it looks. It clocks in at around one hour and fifteen. I'll upload it if people are interested / if I can be bothered.

Track list for Alexis' Mix-tape no. 1:
1. I almost killed you - Billy Bragg
2. It's a crime I never told you about the diamonds in your eyes - The Black Heart Procession
3. Super siege - Breathing Fire
4. The death of me - City and Colour
5. Abandoned - Creatures
6. Dead weight - Cruel Hand
7. Fascination street - The Cure
8. We broke the p.a. - Dangers
9. Bombers - David Bowie
10. Return of the boom bap - the Deadwalk!
11. I don't want to grow up - The Descendents
12. Earthlings - Earthlings
13. An end has a start - Editors
14. Curl up and die - Extortion
15. Against the wall - Foundation
16. New religion - Frontside
17. Bed of snakes - Gray Ghost
18. IV - Heathens
19. Think straight! - Hold Up!
20. Burning fight - Inside Out
21. Vocal test - Integrity
22. Neutral words - Mind Eraser
23. Suffer - Mother Of Mercy
24. Hatchet head - New Lows
25. Suffer - On Broken Wings
26. Red Eye Cocktail - Pathetic Human
27. Rather be dead - Refused
28. Hesitate - Romantic Gorilla
29. 'Till the grave - Sanctions
30. Samur - Shipwreck AD
31. The persistence of flight despite my best efforts with tow hooks and cannons - Sluts
32. Handsome devil - the Smiths
33. Coagulate - Snapcase
34.Under the radar - Tragedy
35. Fucking viva - Trap Them
36. An awakening - Trial
37. DIY 2k7 - Wolf Whistle
38. For the birds - Yeah Right

Bon appetit!

I hope you've got those shoes done up tight


Dec 14, 2009

another nail hammered in history

This feeling in our bonez

Pictured, from left to right; Lauchey, Andrew, Samui, myself and Casey.

I also picked this up in that room. There were hundreds of them scattered on the ground amongst fliers, paperwork, posters and instruction manuals.

Dec 9, 2009

where we churn out mass amounts of company

This photo is funny on SOOO many levels.
I guess you just have to be me to get it.