Feb 22, 2010

random violence


To Joe,
we need a 52" LCD home theatre with 7.1 surround sound.
From Coles.

35 stories high. Epiphany.


Today, I found a Mossimo (yes, the metro brand) t shirt with a Tragedy (yes, the band) print on it at savers. And it wasn't a DIY job, it was a legit Mossimo shirt.
It's probably not worth blogging, but it just confused me a little.

Talking about finding weird stuff at Savers, a few weeks ago I found an Alexisonfire shirt with Audrey Hepburn on it. WEIRD. It was like a cryptic version of my name on a t shirt ha ha

Feb 18, 2010

welcome home.

We are now officially fucked.

Feb 12, 2010

we are the ones only we can recognize we've been rejected we've been rejected

Here is the next scan of my owl.I also scanned my face for good measure.

Feb 1, 2010

mix number two

Another assortment of songs, this one is slightly shorter than the last lot.
  1. We are the end - Alexisonfire
  2. Postcard - An Horse
  3. Drinkin druggin fightin huggin - Anchors
  4. The milkman of human kindness - Billy Bragg
  5. Release the bats - The Birthday Party
  6. Millstone - Brand New
  7. The distance - Cake
  8. Cruel bloom - Converge
  9. Takes slowly over - Cut Off Your Hands
  10. Our most selfish past time - Daniel Striped Tiger
  11. Our Divide - A Death In The Family
  12. Hunter red - Energy
  13. The last lost continent - La Dispute
  14. Stagger Lee - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
  15. To the engravers - Polar Bear Club
  16. Broken - Strung Out
*edit: Mediafire does not like this playlist. If you wish to have a copy, I will gladly burn one for you if you ask politely.

Oh, and I re-uploaded the older play list for those asking here :)