Nov 28, 2009

You are all bastard children and you've taken it all the wrong way.

Vocal test cover made my night.

Ahh, to be young and naive...
Parvulus Đesøli Igneus

Jeremy Wills
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28 Nov 2009 12:27 PM

Great show guys, did my 1st moshing to you guys haha, thanks vince for signing my Hiptop which is now called a "Vince-Top" hope to see you guys next year if you come back down after all we are "The second best country next to america" lol.

Jumps Racing to End in Victoria in 2010

No doubt you heard the fantastic news yesterday that jumps racing will end in 2010. At around 11am, the Racing Victoria board announced that jumps racing is unsustainable, and as such it will continue for a final phase-out year and end in 2010. This is a landmark decision for animal protection.

From a secret admirer...

i'm not sure if you know who i am, but what can i say, i'm a huge fan.
the way your hair goes from curly to straight.
you're handiness and ability to make anything.
i have admired you from afar for quite sometime, and i wish i had the guts to tell you how i feel in person.
i wish i had the guts to hold your hand, and ask you to be my special lady.
i see the glances you share with people, and i wish i was apart of those glances too.
you won't be able to believe what i'm about to say.
but here it goes, and please, just please don't judge me for it.
for i am just a lost soul, looking for love in the most mysterious places.
well, what i wanted to say was....



i love you alexis

Nov 24, 2009

caked up and faked up

I feel so fake wearing make-up, dresses, and high heels.
Was a good night regerdless.

^I could be wearing nothing at all in this photo^

I'm sorry Molly, it had to be done.

Nov 17, 2009

eye witness to the streets.

This was my weekend.

Here are some flyers:

Here are some people in Athol street:

Here is Timmy bleeding:
This is Cohen screaming.
Cohen is actually screaming because he saw Luke.

Here is the definition of concentration:

Here are some cupcakes:
And here is Gold Kids:

Oh damn.

Nov 8, 2009

Because all that I used to have Burned out in jar like a lightning bug

Damn it all, I am just sad.

I suck at having friends. I can't keep them.
As soon as I get close, I find out that they really aren't who I thought they were.
Maybe this is why I like meeting new people. They always seem like the best people.
Maybe people just always try to give a good first impression.
But as soon as they get comfortable around you, they act themselves.
But why do they always turn out to be a jerk?
Maybe everyone is just a jerk.
Maybe I am a jerk.
Maybe I have a bad taste in friends.
Maybe I just shouldn't get to close to people.

Am I meant to be alone?

blinded by hate i can't see a thing, so i've been swinging my fists at everything

Some snaps from Trapped Under Ice at Sommerville this weekend, thanks to the lovely Nicole.

Moesh Molly, moesh!

Canning, down in front!

Tyson takes steroids.

Me: Kick it to me! Kick it to me!

Canning also thinks he is superman.

Nov 2, 2009

Do it for the chicks, go vegan.

Such a chill day.

I'll take a stand for those who can't, I'll scream for those who can't speak.

"About 50 protesters raised placards and shouted "ban jumps racing!" when Racing Minister Rob Hulls began speaking to a crowd at the end of the parade."

Protest was worthwhile, despite the abuse towards us. Please help this cause by taking one minute out of your day to send the Brumby government your views via this site.

animal liberation, earth liberation, human liberation, will only come through education

This day anything goes, Burning bodies hanging from poles

Such a good night. Except for the train ride home...

I remember halloween.