Oct 20, 2009

I don't want to grow old with no stories to tell

What a week end.
So this Friday night past, I broke my nose at the Arthouse. I am currently reting up for my early start tomorrow morning to visit "the nose doctor" so he can break it back into place(Who would have thought that some one who specializes on treating noses for a living has such a busy schedual).I have to be at the hospital at 7:30am tomorrow morning. Mother dearest is too lazy to get up early enough for that so Dad has to take the day off work to take me. It' nice to know someone cares. How did I break it you ask? Stage diving, yeah I know, how lame. But it was fun, definitely worth it. So after catching a taxi back from the arthouse at around 2am I was welcomed by the fathers kind words...
"Well, you won't be picking up any guys this weekend".
Gee, thanks Dad.
So Saturday woke me up with dry blood down the side of my face and a pool of blood on my pillow. Half the day passed and the next thing I knew was I was in Narre Warren being chased by a group of around twenty Corey Worthingtons' through the mud, over the fence and hidden behind a bush in someone's front yard, where we could hear one of our friends getting bashed. Denice, Emily and I tryed calling the police, but had no-idea where we where, so that didn't go anywhere. Brooke saved the day with an eye gauge and they all ran off. after about half an hour the group was back together and out of random houses.
The police obviously said they couldn't do anything, and wouldn't even give us lift home, so Holly's mum came to save the day and nine of us squeezed into the car. Soon enough we were all back at Holly's having a blast;
Early start the next moring, and we were on the bus at around 10am.

Off to the city to see Break Even, In Trenches, Collapsed and 'the Cultures'. Show was great, so many friends I hadn't seen in ages, so many laughs. Had some lovely vegan chocolate mud cake in celebration for Nicole's birthday! Lovely gal, here is some snaps she took on the day;
Vultures ^^^
Break Even ^^^

What a weekend.

Raise da rooof!

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