Jan 6, 2010

well each bird song in the dark before the dawn it made me strong when I was far from

Stress free, relaxed days in Point Lonsdale.

Louisa gave us a lift down. The views were pretty.

My stuff got messier every day;

It was a bit too chilly for swimming on the first day,
so we just looked at the water instead.

I think we stared at the sea for to long,
as Camille started hallucinating.

The house was awesome too.
There was also a mirror directly in front of the toilet.
I think I drank around a litre of water an hour just
so I would have an excuse to sit in front of the mirror
and pull faces at myself. Hours of fun.

I also drew this;

I think this is the only decent photo that my phone has ever taken. I kinda wish I brought a real camera now.

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