Jan 14, 2010

Screamed at the make believe, screamed at the sky.

Over the past two days I have spent nine hours cleaning out the bedroom. I have emptied out four bags of clothes, three of shoes, one of board games, three of garbage and scrap papers, one of hats, and two of miscellaneous items. How I managed to fit all that stuff in my room, I don't know, but somehow it still looks just as full. However it is allot neater.

Sorting through things I found a shit load of buttons, beads, badges, notes and other crap, but the amount of photo both pictures I found was ridiculous. Maybe I should buy a photo album.

Year seven, what the fuck is up?

Vu, Ted, Myself, Jackie, Bailey and Kate.

Lenin, Michaela, Elise, Jacob, Camille.

This one is only from the weekend, but hey!
Camille, Jesse, Vance and I

Holy shit some of these are ridiculous.

I don't think I had life...
This one is from the year before last I think?
Anyway, I miss Imogen and her Werribee antics. Allot.
This one time, at (band) camp, I put on fifty nine items of clothing, backwards.

That's about all that I wish to share for today.

Scouts honour,

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