Mar 12, 2010


Today Camille and I ventured to the city to see the Ron Mueck exhibition at the NGV. All of his work is so lifelike, yet nothing is life sized. Highly recommended that you see this, because just looking at a 2D image loses the impact.

Here are some shitty phone pics that I took.

...So they don't really do any justice.
Here are some better quality pictures of his work:

This man is actually around a third of my size.

And this baby is around three times my height.
And this guy is around twice my size.

This face is about my height.

Ron Mueck also used to make models and puppets. He was the voice of, and constructed my favourite childhood character.

Actually come to think of it,
this movie pretty much made my childhood.
It starred the man behind my first CD,
and who was on stage at my first concert.

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