Mar 25, 2010

I am incomplete

Fuck! Holy shit fuck!Next best thing to Pickle's IRL rants... Pickles E-rants!
Favourite blog at the moment hands down!

Here is a sample;
It is so hard to eat and not laugh when I am seeing 2 people clueless as fuck eating dumpster food and loving it! They were “Oh Tyronne this is unreal” and so I am having little outbursts of laughter just saying “Haha Fuck my dad was good today” and Tyronne knew exactly why I was laughing the awkwardness hit the all time peak when they said how good it was! I was thinking holy shit I hope they never find out, I couldn’t say a word to anyone after the meal except “I’m so tired~~” which i was full of shit, I just couldn’t look anyone in the eye, after eating carrots and tomatoes from a fucking bin haha

Get on it!

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