Nov 28, 2009

From a secret admirer...

i'm not sure if you know who i am, but what can i say, i'm a huge fan.
the way your hair goes from curly to straight.
you're handiness and ability to make anything.
i have admired you from afar for quite sometime, and i wish i had the guts to tell you how i feel in person.
i wish i had the guts to hold your hand, and ask you to be my special lady.
i see the glances you share with people, and i wish i was apart of those glances too.
you won't be able to believe what i'm about to say.
but here it goes, and please, just please don't judge me for it.
for i am just a lost soul, looking for love in the most mysterious places.
well, what i wanted to say was....



i love you alexis

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